Leadership And The Intimidation Factor

Trust me when I tell you that the best way to become a great leader is to lead by example, to become revered as a true leader, a leader people want to follow. Now they it is possible to lead by intimidation, but beware there are many drawbacks to this type of leadership. Perhaps we should stop here and discuss this for a moment? Let’s talk shall we?

Using the intimidation factor in leadership, well sometimes it can work, if one has the right personality, but you will end up leaving a lot of debris in your wake, and you will make major waves, sometimes that’s good, sometimes it can be dangerous. Some of his political opponents and many in the media have branded Donald Trump this type of leader, maybe because of his famous words; “You’re Fired!” on his brilliant reality TV show – but I’d be careful coming to such conclusion, and even if that is so, one could also say; so what. What counts is results and like I said not everyone can play the strong leader type using such strategies, you have to have the right personality.

Just as not everyone can cut and run in an organization due to carefully crafted economic enslavement strategies, golden handcuffs, and it is amazing what you can get people to do when you control them in that way – Dictators have gotten scientists to build terrible weapons and inhumane things, CEOs have gotten CFOs to break the law and sign off on fraud, tax evasion, and other things, my mind is racing with examples, but no need to write them now, you get the point.

Intimidation is very interesting, it is amazing how things change when the tables are turned, those bullied will become bullies 17% of the time. It’s not so good in an organization or business or agency that has employment laws to guide them and boundaries to stay within, that is like a lawsuit waiting to happen, nevertheless we’ve all experienced that form of leadership, but as a follower your job is to follow, you can change things when you are at the helm or within your business unit – leading by example in this way can change corporate culture quickly, I’ve seen it happen.

I too have watched leaders make subordinates cry – we can all that poor leadership – but sometimes the subordinate needs to learn lessons and pony up, or get thrown from the ship, life isn’t easy “You’re Fired” I can hear the Donald yell! Ha ha ha.

You can be a kind person and still lead, as long as you communicate clearly the goals and objectives, what’s expected and what happens when those objectives are not met – that is the honest way to play it, everyone knows there are consequences for failure, but at the same time there are rewards for those innovate. That’s another topic for which I own far too many books – Leading Change, Leading Innovation.

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